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London Waste has been a leader in the field of waste disposal, rubbish clearance, and garbage collection for the over 10 years. Commercial or domestic – no matter how big the mess, we’ll help clean it up. Call today for a no obligation quote.

London Waste.

The very thought of waste brings a million possibilities to mind. Anything used will have some byproduct that will go into the waste removal bins. It is really very difficult to categorize waste. Take for example residential and commercial waste. The former can be further broken down into kitchen waste and bathroom waste. Now go to trash that is specifically termed as hazardous waste. The long list of items in this category can be sourced from both residential and commercial establishments. Hence, specific classification of waste often overlaps each other. However, we at Any London Waste have broadly sorted the main components of trash into sections and have designed our services accordingly. Today, with more than 10 years of experience in this field, we are acknowledged as London’s number one provider of waste removal services.

We will pick up any waste that you can possibly generate. In households, it can range from electrical appliances, garden waste, debris from kitchen or bathroom remodeling and all the junk that have piled up in the garage over decades not to mention the empty plastic and aluminum cans that are stacked up below the kitchen sink. The main trash from commercial establishments will be paper oriented and we will collect it and have it recycled. Clinical waste from doctor’s chambers and hospitals as well as lead acid batteries from workshops have to be treated with extreme care as they are considered as hazardous waste and have definite norms for disposal. Builders’ waste can be construction debris in staggering volumes.

For us, collection of such waste and disposing them off as per strict statutory norms is not a big issue. It is just another day at the office.

Being London’s premier waste removal specialists, we are fully equipped to deal with any type of garbage. We are also fully licensed and insured so that you can be confident of our reliability. All that you have to do is to put the refuse in the specified bins and we will collect it, right up to the loading it in the trucks.

Our charges are unbelievably low and we are London’s cheapest full service waste collection service provider. You only pay for the services used and the amount of waste actually collected. We even give attractive discounts for our repeat and multiple load customers. Call us today for an instant no obligation quote, complete and email back the contract that we send you and our services will commence within 7 days. Guaranteed!

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