The bagged waste collection service of London Waste makes trash disposal a breeze for anybody residing in the city. Fill up our pay-as-you-go bags and put them out to be picked up at a specified time. We will unfailingly collect them, as many times as you want which can even stretch to seven days a week. If you compare our rates with others, you will see that they are far less and reasonable, even cheaper than the local council bag collection.

There are many waste collection service providers who would want you to segregate the recyclable items into separate bins or bags. Not us. We have made the process extremely easy for you. Put all the recyclable waste including cardboard, all colours of glass, all colours and types of plastic, newspaper, food tins, bins, and all types of packaging into one convenient recycling bag. Our state of the art fully automated mechanical recycling will sort out the items meant for recycling with 95% accuracy. It is fast, efficient and convenient and will save you a lot of trouble and time.

Call us today with your requirements. We will give you a quote for our services after discussing the frequency and pick up schedule. It is a free and no obligation estimate but be assured that it will not deviate more than 10% of the charges for the actual load. It might even be that the number of bags to be removed might be less than that in the quote. In that case you will be billed less too. We have more than a decade of experience in this field with highly trained staff to back us up.

Contact us today and get a taste of our qualified expertise and service. Get rid of your waste quickly and efficiently through the best in business.

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