Have you ever wondered what happens to the huge volumes of commercial waste that is generated when massive housing projects come up? What hand lies behind these colossal cleanup operations? Here is the answer to all your queries.

London Waste is London’s leading service provider of waste removal and helps landlords, commercial centers, housing associations, building contractors, and property managers keep their construction area clean. We offer speedy and efficient removal of construction waste and debris from the site so that your projects do not get bogged down. Remember that it is the responsibility of the commercial and residential properties to do away with any form of rubbish or waste created by their tenants or their operation.

At London Waste, all of us feel that we must have a social obligation to save the environment. It is our world too as much as it is yours. Hence, we go out of our way to ensure that all waste and debris collected by us is disposed off in a responsible manner and as per the law of the land. Whenever we find that it is feasible, rubbish meant for landfills is recycled and reused in an appropriate way, thereby contributing our mite for protecting planet earth.

Availing our services is as easy as it can possibly get. Tell us your requirements and we will give you a no obligation instant quote. Our years of experience ensure that this hardly ever varies more than 10% from actual reality. And if we find that the volume is less than the estimation, we will immediately scale down our quotation. You will be billed for the exact amount of rubbish removed. Compare our rates with other waste removal agencies. We guarantee that ours will be the lowest. And yes, we have special discounts for repeat and multiple load customers. So what are you waiting for? Call us now!

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